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Lebanon, Tyre, Hanaway

Lycee Hanaway School

was founded in 1985 and was a branch of Lycee National Schools. It launched its academic and educational task in the academic year of 1985-1986 from Kindergarten classes till grade six (formerly, first intermediate). Since then, a new class had been opened every academic year till it has completed its current form that includes all cycles; Kindergarten, Elementary, Intermediate, and Secondary, both English and French.

Two academic years were special in the history of the school. The first is 2000-2001 when the new- well designed and luxurious building was constructed. The second is 2017-2018 when a massive-separate building for the kindergarten department was accomplished. In addition to its awesome natural location, it is unique for it includes many modern technological devices along with a theatre, halls for music, drawing, swimming, nutrition, and games, as well as inside and outside playgrounds, protection systems, and air conditioning.



The new- well designed and luxurious buildings of the school lie at the top of Ahiram Hill that is 15 kilometers to the east of the city of Tyre. It is surrounded by mountains and valleys at the same time. This special location provides the school with tranquility and calmness and of course creates a convenient atmosphere for learning.


Nowadays, the school has about 1900 students supervised by nearly 280 instructors and administrators who aim at raising and bringing up a generation on morals, values, ethics, and commitment to pubic regulations.

The administrative and educational structure of the school is divided into groups of departments and sections that converge in some matters and separate in others. This structure is a paramedical one as it starts with the school president, principal, and the coordinators who select the teachers and keep them up-to-date by continuous training to provide them with new ideas, experiences, educational skills, and knowledge.


This school applies and follows an educational curriculum that matches the official one set by the Lebanese government. It covers a very wide syllabus, English, French, Arabic, Mathematics and Science. All these subjects are tackled in innovative teaching methodologies. In addition, there is keen interest in other domains as Sociology, Economics, technology, Computer, Physical education, Music, Drawing, and Sports.

 It also implements a moral strategy based on the values of love, respect, free expression and belief. Through this criterion, the school aims at shaping individual's personality and creating a good citizen who believes in his/her homeland, identity, and commitment as it adopts the motto, "Via Education, We Build".


The educational facilities are varied and up to date. In the laboratory, for example, all physical, chemical, and life- science experiments are fully implemented. There is also the visual-aid department that provides students with different charts, maps, LCD, TV, video, Interactive Board, Smart Touch TV, and all types of audio-visual aids, in addition to the computer and robotic department where all related lessons are applied and taught. Moreover, there are many halls for drawing, music, and sports.

Moreover, the library helps perform different researches as it contains a vast number of books, resources, references. These departments are of course serving students to widen their horizon, develop, and improve their scientific, literary, and cultural skills.

The KG students enjoy a great share of this educational progress and interest since the room of rhythm where the coordination of the demands of audio-kinetic growth is implemented, is considered one of the most important departments in the learning process for kids. Moreover in the puppet theatre, language merges with performance. They can also enjoy and use many halls deigned for drawing, technology, reading stories, playing sports and the swimming pool which is equipped with all protection and safety systems.


We must emphasize on the need and importance of the communication between school staff and parents where the educational and learning process completes and produces a perfect individual.

For the sake of a smooth communication, we insist that parents attend our pre-planned meetings with teachers on weekly basis and also by setting general and private meetings to activate and accomplish the teaching process by keeping parents informed of the progress of their kids.

Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular activities, especially sports, take a great part of our work and effort as we always organize many educational competitions, field trips, sport activities, clubs, football and volleyball matches, in addition to the graduation ceremonies for both Brevet and Baccalaureate students at the end of each academic year. Needless to say, our school has been a pioneer in achieving excellent ranks in Lebanon and in the region.

Beyond its educational role and curricular task and for the sake of building a confident generation, Lycee Hanaway focuses on the extra-curricular issues where it works on the society and its establishments through applying both “Civil Society Service” and “University Orientation” projects with the students of the secondary cycle to prepare them to interact with the requirements of this era.


We always work to keep up with all the changes so that our work will fit the tomorrow’ generation/ the homeland generation.

From here, from Lycee Hanaway, stars shine, the sun rises, students soar high in the sky……